So these two beautiful hens are now ours. They’re currently boarding while we move house and set up for them.  The blue is called Tove (pronounced toe-vay) and the green is Maya.  We’ll be organising their initial vet visits ASAP and getting them a bigger cage, some toys, and I’ll be sorting out their diet (got lots of nutrition books and pull outs from Parrots magazine).  We’ve been researching this for about eight months now and all of a sudden it’s all happening! We are so excited to be parronts and want to thank every birdie on Tumblr who has helped us on our journey here, particularly the fab blogs avianawareness flockdynamics, horatioandalice and pepperandpals who have always dispensed excellent bird advice, we’ve learned so much from you.  Hopefully Tove and Maya will be making appearances on Tumblr once they’re settled and we’ve got them comfy.

Much bird love to all of you <3 we are so happy right now.

Aww, congratulations on the new babies!!!  :D  They’re so pretty!  I love lovebirds—they have the cutest little faces.  :3

Congrats! :D avianavenue.com is also a huge wealth of information.

Further proof that I love Science Fiction. 11/Matt Smith was carved using a photo, the Hitchhiker’s Guide stamps were just quick doodles turned into stamps. I was trying to give Speedycarve (pink rubber) a second chance/use up the sheet I had. I’m not crazy about Speedycarve, as it’s really squishy and hard to get details with, but it works for more simple carves. OZ Kut (white rubber from Stampeaz) is still my go-to for anything complicated. Love that stuff.

Towel Day is coming up May 25th :)


That would happen


TMJ hasn’t bothered me in a while, told the dentist that when I went not long ago.

Sooo uncomfortable tonight, jaw kinda hurts :/

It’s really weird… I have a severe case of TMJ but I’m really never bothered by it either. However today the left side is just obnoxiously painful. It’s kind of a bugger when you can’t even chew or speak without the pain interrupting.